About Us

About Us

Every child is entitled to a secure childhood. They need to be protected and safe, as well as to feel loved and cherished. Welcome to Wildfire Ranch. Our values are based on faith, with a purpose aimed at getting individuals involved in something that will benefit the community.

We envision a world where children are free from any form of abuse, or the threat of going missing as they grow up. The wildfire Ranch is a safe haven for children in need and is located in central/south Florida, we provide a home for children that have been neglected, and are in need of love and care.


Supporting victims of child abuse is much more than just a mere desire; it is a commitment we have made for the rest of our lives. This dedication is inspired by the personal experiences of our founder, Joseph Luczaj. Growing up, Joseph experienced being homeless, neglected, and abandoned by a mother who struggled with addiction. He was kidnapped at the age of 7 and was locked away, completely isolated from the outside world. Luckily, he managed to escape, but it seemed as though the troubles would never end. Not only did Joseph have to endure, he also learned what it took to survive. He lived through more than twelve years of failed adoptions, temporary stays in 46 foster homes, and shelters. It was a very difficult time for him; not being able to find a place to call home. And those hard times where what led to years of unrest and anxiety.

However, despite all of life’s challenges, Joseph emerged stronger, better, and it’s his resilience that fuels the Wildfire Ranch operation. It has been his drive ever since to create a safe environment, a home for children suffering from neglect and abuse, a place they can call home. The goal is to open in 2022. And thanks to our dedicated team that is purpose-driven, including the support from generous benefactors, this would become a reality.

Who We Are?

The Wildfire Ranch is a home for abused and neglected children in Florida with the goal of opening doors in 2022.

Love is the Answer

Together, we’re building secure and stable homes for children and healing the world, one child at a time.

Our Mission

To serve God, children, and those who desire to contribute. 

Our Vision

To create a safe place for abused and neglected children to call home in every major market in America. We want to give those with the desire to contribute the ability to do so 

Our Values

Love is the answer. In giving we receive. Teamwork. Accountability, Gratitude. Inspiring leadership. Integrity. Empathy. Education. Faith 

Meet Our Team

Joseph Luczaj


Joseph is a proud father led by faith, an ambassador of goodwill, entrepreneur, and mentor. An energetic and positive force for good, with an inspiring mission to help children and change the world!


William Nilson


William is a consistent seeker of newfound knowledge, experiences, and ways to bring businesses and people together. With an international and financial background, he serves as a fundamental piece to the organization. 

Michelle Valera


Michelle is a happy soul, energetic, with passion and desire to be a part of a bigger cause. She enjoys creative outlets like dancing and drumming. With a background in public relations, content creation and digital media. 

Andy Nichols


Andy has the ability to solve complex problems. With a background in environmental and mechanical effects, he takes your imagination and turn it into reality. He is passionate about education and understands the value it brings to children.